Captivating Bath & Body

Lisa & MaLisa Sousa

Lisa and MaLisa Sousa are the proprietors of Captivating Bath & Body, a booth that sells bath bombs, bath salts, body butter, lotions, solid bubble bath, bath art, and bubble bath play dough. Their products are homemade and hand-crafted in Lindsay. They currently have Over 20 different scents with plans to create more. In addition to the products they sell at the market they offer custom orders, wedding favors, gift baskets, party favors, etc.

Lisa and MaLisa started making bath products as a hobby and were able to turn it into an on-the-side venture. They have been making both and body products for a year and a half and continue to enjoy the process despite it transitioning from hobby to a business. When looking for a venue to showcase their products they chose the Kinmount Farmers Market because “we love the small town feel when you visit there and the people are so friendly and inviting. We love to sell at the farmers market because it has such a sense of community not only between customer and vendor, but between all the vendors as well.”

When asked about their favorite product their response is the Bubble Scoops. Not only do they give you a large amount of bubbles, but the product leaves your skin feeling soft. They also have a great color and scent making bath time all the more relaxing. Other vendors have remarked that their bath bombs and soaps are something to check out and highlighted the excellent variety in scents. Captivating Bath & Body has also been pointed out as an excellent booth to check out when in need of a gift.

Lisa and MaLisa feel that farmers markets are important because of the amazing sense of community they have to offer. They find they are always welcomed in a warm and sincere way, which adds a different level to a shopping experience. It also “gives people the opportunity to locally sell their products to the public and get to know their customers on a personal level” which is something that retail stores aren’t often able to offer. As independent sellers the mentality of “buying local” means the world to them. As they explain, “Buying local puts a lot of money back into the economy. And we think it’s important to support the people who work so hard at their craft. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and that means the world to us to know that you enjoy our product.”  

Both Lisa and MaLisa love being vendors at the Kinmount Farmers Market. They enjoy the other vendors and the products they have to offer as well as their customers. Friendly is the word they use to describe the market attendees – and even in the rain find that everyone enjoys themselves and has a great time – both shopping and selling. According to them, “Coming to the Kinmount farmers market is one of the great highlights of our summer. We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!”