Triple Creek Jewellery

Ray & Chris Johnson


1053 Triple Creek Lane, Algonquin Highlands,K0M 1J1

Triple Creek Jewellery sells Handmade sterling, silver-plated and silver-filled wire jewellery using semi-precious stones, fossils, fresh water pearls and sea glass. Ray and Chris Johnson own and operate the business which in their own words started out as a “hobby that went a little wild!” Both Ray and Chris are retired schoolteachers and they have been making and selling their jewellery since 2012. It initially started with them fixing pieces of Chris’s jewellery and then over time shifted to them making a few things for fun. Now, that’s transitioned into them making a lot of stuff for fun! “We needed some way to share our jewellery so we could make more” explains Ray “It gets us out in the community to meet people and we enjoy the unique community that we share with our vendor family”.

Farmers Markets are something that Ray and Chris always enjoyed stopping at in their free-time, so it was an obvious venue for them to explore when looking for a way to sell their products. Just like they enjoy shopping locally, they love being able to sell locally where they know people. The Kinmount Farmers Market was recommended to them by another vendor and it made sense since it wasn’t too far from home. They describe the market as being “a beautiful location with a great selection of products and great people.” As the market was primary made up of food-based vendors they found that their “jewellery added a bit more diversity to the market”.

When asked about their products, Ray and Chris said, “We enjoy selling the items that we consider one-of-a-kind. It is fun to sell something that you have spent time being creative with. We particularly enjoy customizing a piece so that it is perfect for the purchaser” – so if you are in the market for something special or custom-made this is a booth to check out.

Ray and Chris enjoy shopping at the other booths the market has to offer and highlight the diverse items it has available. They spend their Saturday’s not just selling their products but visiting the other booths and catching up with one another. They feel that farmers markets are important because it allows customers a place too not only buy something uniquely different from the chain stores but to buy locally. To them buying local allows you to find items that speak to you and are things you will enjoy – be it jewellery, food items and so on. Specifically to jewellery, buying local allows you to find something unique and different – not the same thing everyone else is wearing. 

Ray and Chris love their customers – and find that they come back to visit, chat and buy again. Customer satisfaction is a priority to them so they want to ensure that customers are happy. If you have any questions, need something adjusted or customized just ask! They will do their best to accommodate in any way they can.